When your air conditioner stops cooling, a Freon coolant leak could be one of the possible problems. Call Richard Marton Electrical Contractor to check it out.

A central air conditioning system Freon leak can be a particularly dangerous problem. Freon is recognized by the EPA as a pollutant. Avoiding an HVAC Freon leak is very important, since when Freon is released into the air, it acts as a greenhouse gas that damages our ozone layer.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant Freon Leaks

Fortunately, Freon leaks can be fixed by air conditioning technicians. The Freon coolant can begin leaking out of your air conditioner for a number of possible reasons:

  • Cracks or punctures. The refrigerant coolant lines can develop cracks, or have a hole poked in them by accident. This causes the Freon to leak out of your air conditioning system.
  • Bad installation. If your air conditioner wasn’t installed properly, you may find yourself needing A/C Freon leak repairs. These types of leaks can often start out so small that you won’t notice them but they frequently grow worse over time.
  • Defective parts. The parts of your A/C that contain the coolant can sometimes have a factory defect, meaning that you’ll need replacement parts installed by an air conditioning contractor.

Finding and Fixing Freon Leaks:

Large Freon leaks not only make you lose your cool, but can also lead to freeze ups in the system. As the Freon pressure falls, so does the freezing temperature. Location and repair of refrigerant leaks is a challenging task and are not for the amateurs. You need an air conditioning technician who:

  1. Is experienced & capable
  2. Is patient
  3. Is trustworthy
  4. Has good judgement

Repairing a Freon leak can be as simple as replacing a valve or just by tightening a fitting. If you’re A/C is low on Freon, it’s because it leaked out. So where did it go? Here are some possible sites for leakage:

  1. Valve cores
  2. Welded joints
  3. Rusted dryer filter canisters
  4. The copper tubing itself

One can estimate that about 70% of time the leakage is in the evaporator coil and about 10% of the time new valve cores are needed.

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