A ceiling fan can be a good way to bring a room a fresh look, better feel and more comfort. Ceiling fans are also a less expensive way to update the interior design of your home. Another important use of ceiling fans is that they are a great and efficient way to control the climate of a room during the Summer and Winter.

Which Way Should the Ceiling Fan Rotate?

What is the correct ceiling fan rotation during summer and winter? Is your ceiling fan on the proper seasonal rotation? It could save you energy dollars if it rotates in the proper direction depending whether it is winter or summer.

Answer: Ceiling fans provide great air circulation and you can optimize these benefits by ensuring the ceiling fan rotation of the blades is correct for circulating warm air during winter or creating a breeze effect by moving or circulating the air better, during a hot summer.

During the winter heating, to help move warm air that is trapped on the ceiling, blades should turn ‘forward’ in a clockwise motion. This movement will push up the air and pull the warm trapped air down the sides of the room improving heat distribution.

During the hot summer weather, to help produce a comfortable breeze or ‘wind chill’ that cools the skin, blades should rotate in a ‘reverse’ counter-clockwise motion. The air movement has the same comfortable effect as when you fan yourself with a magazine to get relief from hot, stifling air.

You can also save in energy costs when the ceiling fan is on the correct setting to support your cooling or heating efforts.

If you need a ceiling fan installed or replaced in your home, call Richard Marton Electrical Contractor LLC today. Many attempt to install ceiling fans on their own. We always recommend that this be left to a licensed electrician. There is high risk of electrocution and damage to your electrical system that could result in an electrical fire.

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