A proper and well balanced air conditioning system will keep your home comfortable for many years to come. This satisfying and enjoyable experience will allow for the pressure to be taken off of you after a hard day’s work.

Additionally, you and your family will be able to enjoy a safe haven from the ultraviolet rays and the hot heat concentrated outside.

When your air conditioning system is running at its best, you can be cool and comfortable inside your home during the summer months of the season. A well maintained air conditioning system will always run more efficiently. Even though you have the regular tune ups at the right times of the year, at some point you could still experience issues with your air conditioner depending on how old it is.

Central Air Conditioning System Repairs & Replacement

Below is a list of the most common air conditioning system related problems that homeowners will face and need repaired.

Most Common Home Air Conditioning Issues:

The outdoor condenser unit stops working –

When this happens the first thing you should do is check that the thermostat on the wall is set to cool and that the fan switch is set to auto. Then make sure that the switch either next to the air handler blower unit or at the top of your basement steps is in the on position. Finally, you should also go to your electrical panel or fuse panel and make sure that the circuit breaker is in the on position or the fuse has not blown.

The air conditioner is not blowing air –

If your central air conditioning system is not blowing any air at all. This is usually a sign of a clogged air filter, or a block somewhere else in the system. It can also be an electrical problem requiring air conditioning repairs.

The air conditioner is blowing warm air –

This is a common problem that is not helpful during the hot summer months. Blowing warm air does nothing to cool your home. This can be an electrical or mechanical issue, or a sign of an air conditioning refrigerant (Freon) leak.

The air conditioner is leaking water at the base of the indoor unit –

If you find water pooling around the base of your central air conditioning system, you have some kind of a water leak. This happens when the condensate water drainage lines or the drain pan under the attic air handler are either cracked, or clogged up with dirt, algae, or other types of debris.

Air conditioning leaks can damage the sheet rock and insulation below the unit if the air handler is in your attic. If the air handler is located in your basement the water can flood the surrounding concrete floors, walls and foundation as well as damaging the Air conditioner unit itself. This is usually an easy repair for an experienced air conditioning repair contractor.

If the drainage lines are not clogged could be a  sign that the air conditioning unit is not adequately cooling and it may be that the cooling coil or evaporator is freezing over with ice. This type of a water leakage can be caused by low refrigerant (Freon) or an inadequate supply of airflow.

The air conditioner is icing up –

If your air conditioning system is icing over, set your thermostat to the cool to the off position and set your fan from auto to the run position. This should melt the ice in two to three hours. After it has melted and you set your thermostat back to cool on and fan auto and the unit starts to ice up again is a sign that you either clogged components or you are leaking refrigerant (Freon).

The air conditioner is leaking refrigerant (Freon) –

This common issue leads poor cooling inside your home, ice forming on the air conditioner unit or the air handler unit. The refrigerant usually known as Freon can be harmful to the ozone layer in our environment as well as very unhealthy to people sometimes lethal. At this time it is extremely important to call your local air conditioning contractor.

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