When people think of climate control, they only think of air conditioning. There’s much more to climate control than controlling the temperature of a room. One can easily control the temperature in a room or many rooms with thermo-statically controlled devices.

Climate Control What is It? Why Do We Need It?

However, the four components of climate control will provide:

  1. Temperature control
  2. Humidity control
  3. Air filtering
  4. Air-volume management

All four of these components are all equally important.

Let’s say that you keep your home at a 72 degree level. If the humidity level was low people would complain of dry mouth, noses and throats. If the humidity level was high people would notice that mold and mildew may form near the air vents.

We use air filtration or air filter screens to prevent dust particles, pollen and other bad pollutants from circulating throughout the home. There are also electronic devices that use positive and negative charged screens to remove these bad breathing flying particles out of the air.

The air handler or equipment that blows the air throughout the house must blow at a steady rate delivering good air. We don’t want to deliver too much air that the paddle fans start to spin without having them being turned on.

In conclusion climate control or really comfort control, requires the control of air temperature, air humidity, air purity or filtration, and air volume to provide the comfort for the people in their homes.

Where Do We Use Comfort Control?

The simplest form of comfort control is present in our homes. We have a wall-mounted thermostat that will turn on and off the furnace or air conditioner to increase or decrease the temperature of our homes. A programmable thermostat will help keep energy costs down by setting the thermostat to come on or turn off at certain times according to when you are home or not.

Another form of comfort control will be to have a window or wall mounted air conditioner. Although this can keep you cool in that particular room, energy is wasted because one has to turn on the air conditioner hours before they are in the room to get the space to be at a pleasant temperature level. We generally do this every day until the hot summer months have passed. One might need several window or wall unit air conditioners throughout the house to keep each of the rooms cool.

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