Many brave homeowners take on electrical work in the course of everyday household maintenance, but it is all too easy to make a code-violating error that could bring on both minor and major problems, such as fire and personal harm.

Among the common errors: damaging the jacket of non-metallic sheathed cable; mixing line- and low-voltage wires; not using a splice box when installing a new light fixture; overcrowding holes with too many wires; and putting HVAC ducts too close to carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors.

These violations can cause a fire. Also the person performing the work can get seriously electrocuted.

Other Code Violations:

  • Splices not in junction boxes
  • Wires not labeled correctly.
  • Over-stripped insulation (too much bare wire showing)
  • Incorrect splices (electrical tape or too many conductors under one wire nut)
  • Overcrowded junction boxes
  • Not enough wire slack in junction boxes
  • Improperly secured (or not secured at all) wires
  • Reversed polarity
  • Ungrounded metal junction boxes
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Tapping into circuits that should be dedicated

Please don’t do your own electrical work. This is not a hobby. Let a licensed electrical contractor like Richard Marton Electrical Contractor LLC resolve these issues.

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