It only takes one visit a year from your local Forced Air Heating technician to help keep your system running at its best. Make Preventive Maintenance your new routine today and help to prevent against costly breakdowns in the future.

Complete Heating System Checklist

  • Check the accuracy of your thermostat settings and review this with Home Owner.
  • Inspect all the electric terminals and connections. Clean and tighten the terminal screws connections. Spray a non-conductive coating onto the wires and terminal connections if necessary.
  • Take amperage readings while the heating blower motor is running to verify that it is running according to the specifications located on a nameplate on the side of the furnace unit.
  • Lubricate or oil the heating blower motor if the motor is not a completely sealed motor on which oils can’t be added.
  • If your forced hot air heating system has a type of heating blower motor that spins the squirrel like cage and is operated by a belt, we would check the tension of that belt and make adjustments when necessary. If the belt is warn or cracked it should be replaced. The spinning of the squirrel like cage part of your system is what brings the airflow to the ducts in your home.
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence to make sure that the heating system and cooling system can’t come on at the same time.
  • Check your exhaust flue pipe for proper operation. Test to make sure there is no carbon monoxide leakage into your home.
  • Check the system controls and safety circuits for proper operation. These safety circuits are for your protection against the heating system from operating while gases or carbon monoxide are leaking out or the system into the air you breathe in your home.
  • Check and replace a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter and severely restrict the air flow and make your heating blower motor work harder and eventually break down.
  • Check the gas or oil connections depending on what type of fuel you are using to run the system. Make sure that the gas valve is operational. Measure the gas pressure as needed. Make sure the pilot burner is clean and flame is the right color. If accessible, use a gas meter to make sure the heat exchanger is not leaking. Check your gas burners that stay a flame during the furnace operation for peak efficiency.
  • Vacuum out the furnace cabinet. Keeping this area clean from loose debris will help keep the air filter clean.

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