A forced hot air heating system is simply a heating system that distributes heat throughout your house using air to carry it. The equipment is called an air handler or furnace. The air handler or furnace can be located in all different areas of the home but in most homes it will be located either in the basement or in the attic.

An oil or gas burner depending of what type of fuel your home has in your area of the country heats an enclosed area inside the furnace. When the enclosed area inside the furnace ignites heat and fumes are made. The flue or exhaust pipe that goes from your furnace to the chimney takes theses fumes or exhaust gases away.

Before the heated fumes are exhausted outside, they are pushed through a series of pipes running horizontally.

The component’s name for theses horizontal pipes is called a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is responsible for transferring this heat energy made by oil or gas with flame to the air. A blower which is a spinning electric motor pushes the air through the main duct to the designated areas of your house.


Ducts are square or rectangular connected cross sections of metal that come in various lengths.

The main duct is attached to the air handler (furnace). They typically run from the furnace at one end of the home to the opposite end of the home where they are capped off.

From the main duct there are several either metal or flex ducts that are run to each of the rooms that will get the heated air for comfort.

The hot air supply passes through a wall supply louvered vent or floor supply louvered vent. A movable damper either inside the supply duct or at the supply louvered vent controls the amount of heated or cooled air that enters the room. The damper comes with a lever that can be moved to let more air flow through the duct or supply vent. You can also move the lever the opposite way to restrict the air flow through the duct or supply vent.

A return register louvered vent will either be on the opposite wall or in the main hallways ceiling to remove air from the room to be reheated in the winter or re-cooled in the summer. Returning the air to the furnace greatly increases the efficiency of the system.

The temperature would be set at your thermostat and when the room reaches that temperature the thermostat will shut the system down until the temperature drops below a certain amount and the cycle will start all over again.

Many forced hot air heating systems are energy efficient to keep costs down and can effectively keep you home comfortable all winter long. Forced hot air heating systems can be made to be incorporated with central air conditioning systems for year round temperature control. The duct work is already existing and in place. So to add a central air conditioning system to your home would be simpler because half the work is already done.

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