Electrostatic air filters are washable air filters that never needs to be replaced.

Electrostatic air filters are washable air handler (furnace) filters that work by having multiple layers of vented metal which the air passes through.  As the air passes through the first layer of filtration, the air molecules are positively charged by the friction between the air and the filter.

The now positively charged air molecules attach themselves to the next few layers as they pass through the rest of the filter.  Think about it as working kind of like walking across the carpet with your socks on and then touching a door knob.

The process of walking across the carpet charges you with static electricity which is then released when you touch a grounded surface like a door knob.  Only instead of your socks creating static electricity across a carpet, it is the air creating static electricity across your air filter that creates a charge and traps dust particles in the air filter.

As a general rule, electrostatic air filters cannot even come close to the filtration power of a high quality anti-allergen filter from 3M or Honeywell, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out altogether.

Instead of replacing your electrostatic air filter at regular intervals like you would a conventional air filter, you take them out and wash them off with a hose about once a month.  Yes, there is somewhat of a savings by using the same filter over and over again.

The problem is that electrostatic air filters can only filter so much.  One of the problems with electrostatic filtration is that it relies on static electricity to operate.  What I mean by this is that static electricity is powerful enough to filter small, lighter dust particles out of the air but what about larger dust and dirt particles?  Or mold spores?  Unfortunately, this is one of the areas that electrostatic filtration falls short in.

Electrostatic air filters also block the air flow more than conventional air filters. If the air flow is blocked or restricted by 25 percent, then your air conditioning system has to work twice as hard to do the same amount of cooling. Yes, conventional air filters restrict air flow to some extent, but electrostatic air filters block more than any other type of air filter. If your air conditioner is running twice as much, its components will wear out quicker.

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