Could The Thermostat Be The Problem?


  • Make sure the thermostat is set to (Cool). Also make sure the thermostat is set to auto by the part marked (Fan).
  • If this is a digital programmable thermostat, please change the batteries in the unit. Make sure you replace the batteries paying attention to the polarity of the batteries while replacing them. The spring end not only in your thermostat but in many battery operated items represents the flat part or negative part of the battery. The other side of the battery represents the positive side. Reversing this by mistake can do damage to the thermostat.
  • By using the override buttons, set the thermostat to be at a temperature far below what the temperature is in your house now. The override buttons are usually the ones with an arrow facing up or an arrow facing down. These are found on the digital programmable thermostats. Wait 5 full minutes.

If the system does not come on automatically, then do the following:

  1. Check the main electrical panel and any sub panels for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Reset the circuit breaker by turning it to the off position first, then turning it to the on position or replace the fuse. The outdoor condenser unit will have a two pole circuit breaker. The indoor air handler or furnace with have either a single pole circuit breaker or in some conditions a two pole circuit breaker. Wait five minutes to see if the system comes on.
  2. The furnace / air handler will have a safety switch either somewhere near the unit or at the top of the basement steps. The switch will look like a regular light wall switch. The cover plate will either be red and says emergency switch or it could be a regular cover wall plate the same color as the switch. Wait 5 minutes to see if the unit comes on.
  3. The outdoor condenser unit will have a disconnect switch located right next to the unit. The disconnect will be a small metal outdoor rated box either with a switch located on the outside of the metal box or a pull out type where you would lift the cover open and the pull out the switch located inside. When you pull out the switch, there might be fuses attached to it. There will be two fuses. Replace these fuses with the same type and amperage ratings. Wait 5 minutes to see if the condenser / compressor unit comes on.

If your central air conditioning system still does not come on try opening up the thermostat. The digital type thermostats will have to be squeezed between your index finger on the top of the unit and your thumb on the bottom of the unit. Once slightly squeezed pull the thermostat straight out to you or as you pull the thermostat out to you it might come off like a hinged door either swinging up or down. Unscrew the wire marked yellow and take it by the insulated part of the wire and touch the red wire terminal. Hold the two wires together for about three to five minutes. By doing this you are bypassing the thermostat. If the compressor or condenser unit does come on, your thermostat is not working. If the compressor or condenser unit does not come on, place the yellow wire back onto its terminal and call your heating and air conditioning specialist or if in the local Northern New Jersey area, call Richard Marton Electrical Contractor.

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