The winters here in the northeast can be unbearable at times. If you have a furnace, you don’t want it failing during those winter months when you need it the most. Hearing a strange noise from the furnace could be a warning signal for trouble ahead. Anything that sounds out of the ordinary needs attention and should be looked at before it becomes a major issue.

The following are some of the common noises you may hear coming from your heating system:

  • Squealing – Might be a worn out or slipping blower belt. The blower motor is the part that spins the squirrel cage like wheel that moves the air throughout the system. Sometimes depending on the system there might be a belt that goes from the motor to the squirrel cage like wheel to make it spin. Check the tension of the belt or replace it if it’s worn or cracked.
  • Grinding – Motors have bearings that need to be lubricated from time to time. If your motor is not a sealed type motor and can be lubricated, we suggest you do so. If you lubricate and the grind noise is still there, the bearings are probably bad.
  • Buzzing – Could be caused by the blower motor support mounts coming loose. Tighten the mounting screws or use a metal shim to fill in the gaps.
  • Hissing – This is an air leak. The metal ducts in your system are attached together with a connector called a slip joint. Place HVACR rated tape over all the joints in your system to stop the hissing and make the system more energy efficient.
  • Metal Ducts are Noisy – Many heating or cooling ducts are metal so they conduct noise quite readily from the air-handling unit to your rooms. To break the conduction of sound, you can have a heating contractor or air conditioning contractor insert flexible insulation duct work between the heating / cooling system and the metal duct work.
  • Pinging – If you hear a pinging or popping sound coming from metal duct work, this may be caused by the thermal expansion. The actual metal of the metal duct system in the winter when the heat is not on or off cools down. When your heat does come on the metal of the metal duct warms up fast causing the metal to move inward or outward. This is known as thermal expansion. If you can trace out where the duct does this type of movement, you can wedge a piece of wood between the duct and the beams to try to stop this sound. Sometimes the duct can be identified as a small dent on which this is the part that makes this movement. This also goes for the summer months at which the actual metal of the metal duct is warm. As the central air conditioning system starts up and cool air id brought through the duct can cause that pinging type of sound.
  • Ticking – This could be a leaking gas valve. If you hear this, turn off the system using the emergency switch. If your hot water tank is right next to your furnace, spin the dial to the off position. Call your HVACR provider immediately. Leave the building until your heating and air conditioning specialist arrives.
  • Rattling, grinding, or whining – Could be an obstruction to the airflow. When this happens the blower motor will work harder to try to compensate for the obstruction in the line of the airflow. Your blower motor could eventually burn out because it is working so hard. The circuit breaker protecting the motor could also trip in your electrical panel. Check all the supply and return vents in each of the rooms for any blockage, dirt, or debris. Replace your dirty air filter.
  • Vibrating – The metal ducts are fastened in place with metal hangers. One of the hangers could of come loose and is only holding up half the duct causing this vibration. Make sure all the hangers are fastened in place with screws.
  • Flutter, Shaky Sound – If the furnace itself makes noises when it runs, the cover panels doors that cover the unit are not screwed on tight.

If you have a furnace (Air Handler) type of system and are experiencing any noises, it’s best to write down what type of noise, where you think it is coming from and when does it usually happen before calling your heating and air conditioning service provider. Once you place the call, you can relay your homework done over the phone so we would have a general idea what is happening before we come out.

There are so many reasons why a heating system would be making noises and are not limited to what is addressed above.

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